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Curt Erickson ::> Knife MakerI have been crafting hand made knives since 1983 when I had the great opportunity to work with legendary knifemaker Buster Warenski. Buster, who was a good friend of my father, had graciously agreed to teach me the finest points of knifemaking.The experience of working with Buster and spending time in his shop over the years turned out to have a tremendous influence on my life and my work, which is still evident today.

I started out making knives part time, which later lead to some full time work. During this period I won several awards for my work and became one of the youngest voting members of the Knifemakers Guild. I have always enjoyed knifemaking because it has allowed me to express myself artistically and maintain the love for crafting with my hands. I make all type of knives using the very best materials possible and I constantly strive for perfection with every knife I make. My passion, however, is the art knife - especially daggers.

The winter of 2005 quickly brought me back to my knifemaking roots when I was asked to give back my teachings to Julie Warenski, who needed help with her own knifemaking career - learning how to grind and finish knife blades. Julie wanted to learn Buster's techniques so I was honored and grateful to give something I had been given so many years ago back to her. Today we are working together as a new husband and wife team continuing the great tradition of making some of the finest knives possible.

Curt Erickson


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